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No trainer needed - nice boarding farm in Nashville area?

I know there have already been a million threads on here about this topic, however I’ve written down all of the names of the facilities that interested me and apparently I suck at googling because I haven’t had a lot of luck finding websites! Please bear with me!

I’m looking for a different situation for my jumper. I would love to find somewhere politic-free where I can just hack my horse and know he’s being taken good care of. I’m going to meet a non-local trainer at shows, so having a trainer at the facility is not a requirement for me. I need to stay in the Nashville / Franklin area and don’t want to go as far as College Grove or Murfreesboro. Good, well-maintained footing is a must, as well as outdoor lights (I ride after work and am dreading the day when it’s dark at 4PM); an indoor would be great but not necessary (of course I say that and the polar vortex will come our way again and I’ll regret it every day this winter!).

I’ve looked into Grace Park Farm and it looks beautiful but is there only a grass ring? Is Stephanie Hall still at Old Hillsboro Manor? I was a little confused because I thought her barn name was Woodridge… Green Pastures has been mentioned on here a ton but for some reason I cannot find a website? Having the same issue with Williow Lake, Full Moon and Southhaven. I’ve emailed Tracebridge and will probably visit Hidden Acres.

If you have contact info for any of the above mentioned or insight about anywhere else I would really appreciate it! I’m also open to private facilities - would be fine buying my own hay and grain and could help muck/feed on weekends.

I’m happy to PM additional info about me/my horse, I’m trying to keep it vague since I’m in a difficult situation currently.

Thanks in advance!

Brownland Farm is gorgeous!! I would board there if I lived there and was in your situation.

Facebook page for Tracebridge Farm: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tracebridge-Farm/404321166297955

Grace Park Farm I believe has a ring with all weather footing but not sure if there are lights. http://graceparkfarm.com/

Stephanie Hall is still at Old Hillsboro Manor (her barn name is Woodridge) however she is not the only trainer there. You can board at OHM and have any instructor you wish come teach you as long as they provide proof of their insurance. Facebook page for OHM: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Old-Hillsboro-Manor/118283794868978?sk=info

Green Pastures does not have a website as far as I know, you would need to schedule a tour. They do have an indoor, a couple of outdoors, trails, etc.

Hope that helps, good luck!

I’m not sure if Gallatin is too far away or not, but Lazy J Farm is there. They have a giant cross country field for hacking, a dressage ring, an outdoor jump ring, and an indoor. Super great care and very laid back. Not a huge show barn and welcoming to all disciplines.

Unfortunately Brownland does not have lights or an indoor, so I would be in trouble over the winter :frowning:

Thanks for the info onthebit!