Non amateur showing in amateur classes

I’m at WEC right now and in one of my clients adult jumper classes is a young lady showing that I know is not an amateur. How do I know this! I recently had clients move to me from her barn and I’ve also seen numerous FB posts she had written looking for consignment horses. Her father also just purchased 50% of the h/j business from her original trainer. It’s wrong! What are the next steps to reporting this. I actually have texts on my phone from her former clients talking about lessons and training rides provided by this girl.

Don’t know the process but you could go find the tech delegate and ask him/her. They should be able to tell you. Show office can track down the TD

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report your concerns to the show Steward


Buying and selling horses doesn’t violate amateur status. Teaching lessons or training other people’s horses for pay does. I’m not sure what you mean by her father bought her trainers business. That wouldn’t violate anything unless she is training or teaching for pay. If you have proof she’s doing that ask the show steward how to proceed.


This. Also, Unless you have proof she’s given lessons or training rides there’s nothing you can really do. Other peoples’ word is usually not good enough; you need receipts, a website, her actively advertising, etc. Bring any evidence you have to the show steward.
Also, if it brings you and solace; anyone can hang up a sign and call themselves a trainer. Doesn’t mean they are actually a good rider :upside_down_face:


It does if they aren’t yours. Taking other horses in on consignment is the same as buying and selling


I made a report this summer and had to actually show proof of money moving. Not just the blatant, multiple advertisements I had. :unamused:

Luckily, I had it - but the process has soured me. My organization kind of made it seem like… “well how do you know this person was profiting and actually realizing revenue?”

I also learned in the process that you can create social media content and vlogs etc showing training tips and providing lessons — if you label it as “for entertainment purposes only”, it’s not a violation.

Stupid loopholes.


Profiting isn’t the test. Was this USEF?

Yes, not every show at WEF is USEF regulated and some divisions, especially below 3’, are not USEF recognized. What show and division are we talking about?

This is a usef show and it’s adult jumpers

OP reports that the shammy is “advertising on FB, looking for consignment horses.” She is not buying them herself and selling.

OP, the USEF has a Process for this, and it costs a little money.

Here’s a Cliff’s Notes for that:

If you are a pro, a USEF member and can google, you should know this.

Then you have to talk to the steward, thats what they are there for. They will probably tell you to gather proof she is taking money to ride and train horses owned by others and file a protest but they can be helpful in guiding you. Its a cumbersome process.

Or…you could go on her FB and ask how she can brag about her training ability then show in Ammy classes? Possibly beating her own clients shes paid to coach? Yes, childish but likely on her level IF this is whats actually going on.

We have some epic threads on shamateurs, especially the infamous “ bookeepers” scam that inspired refining of the Ammy rules some years back. Might try searching Shamature and Bookeeper threads.

OPs example here does not sound as clever as these earlier people were, kind of dumb really if this is whats going on.

ETA, definition…a Bookeeper is on the barn payroll as just that but regularly rides employers client horses at home and sometimes shows them in Amateur classes as well as a personal horse if they own one. They might also be listed as nannys or private tutors for trainers kids but function as Pro riders.


People usually report to USEF.

I have seen this happen so many times also!

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I would guess that you need to go through an official process with proof. You can’t just get someone pulled from the show at the show. That is too open to potential abuse. Also people can be pro, quit teaching, and then apply to be ammie again.

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There is no point in reporting this to someone at a show. Make a formal report to USEF if you want to report it. That’s the organization that enforces the rules and is equipped to do an investigation.


Not clever at all this chick is. She just figures nobody will do anything about it

I mean… it’s WEC. There’s also a former Olympian doing the amateur jumpers too. The rules are vague and supposedly getting even more loose with some new measures passed.
Can you report it? Sure. But the chances of anything happening… unlikely. “Scamateurs” have been all over for years, and it’s unfortunate, but it’s life. At least it’s the jumpers, so if you find all the jumps and are the quickest and cleanest, you win! Try dealing with them in the hunters with all the fun politics. It’s even better.
That being said, there is one local pro that left a bigger barn and is currently looking to regain her ammy status. So it’s possible that she’s the one and in transition, but unclear. I think she’s still considering herself a pro and helping some juniors… so probably not her.
I always said I’d like them to swap out ammy for “Weekend Warrior”, where you have to provide proof of a full-time job paystub in order to compete… and have a trainer vouch that you barely get to ride, but are “doing the best that you can”.


Someone who has been a pro (even at the Olympic level) can subsequently become an amateur. It’s a little odd for such a person to be riding in really low level classes without a good reason, I agree, but possibly within the rules (if tacky).

Man, I would love this, but many of the amateurs riding at high levels don’t have to bother with banalities like “jobs.”


Hence the value of a weekend warrior distinction. Those ammies get their own special division and those of us with 8-5s (or 7s-7s, or worse lol) get our own special division. Prize is bottles of wine and spa gift cards. Maybe free childcare for a weekend. :crazy_face:

ETA: in all seriousness, even if it is WEC, if they were running a USEF Show, usef rules apply. OP, report to usef if you’d like to do something about it. Keep in mind, if rider isn’t receiving renumeration for riding or teaching, I think technically she isn’t breaking the rules. Hard to prove money is exchanging hands as an observer though. shrug