Non-custom CWDs

Hi all,

I recently heard through the grapevine that CWD offers saddles that are “off the rack”, or non-custom for quite a bit less than the normal custom prices (kind of like Antares has models available for less). I was unable to get a straight answer on this out of the CWD rep that is for my area…does anyone know if this is true or not? I’m feeling like it’s probably not, but thought it couldn’t hurt to see if anyone else had heard of this.

Thanks in advance!

Custom usually means nicer leather, other adjustments – and usually is more, in my experience. That said, getting the model you want, with the flap you want, in the tree you want, isn’t considered “custom” in my book. I know my saddle cost less than others as well, but I don’t know specifics. If I asked for a saddle with upgraded leather I’m sure I’d pay more.

Haven’t heard that, but might as well just spend the money on a nice used model with the flap/seat/tree you want - unless you are the saddle equivalent of a denim fit model, that option is bound to work better.

Are you maybe thinking of demo models? I managed to find a beautiful Voltaire that fits my husband as if it was built for him, but because it was a demo saddle, we were able to buy it for much less than if we had gone the custom route.