*Non-Sheer* white pants for breed classes?

I’m taking some time off and going to DAD with my trainer as an additional handler for her breed show classes. I know that we can wear khakis for in-hand/breed classes (and I’m bringing khakis for my “groom uniform” when not handling near the ring) but I want to coordinate with my trainer - who wears white - the rest of the outfit is taken care of. That problem is, where does one find white pants, that are appropriate for the show ring in style and opacity?

I ordered a cheap Liz Claiborne pair and to quote my dear spouse “You will have to be comfortable with everyone knowing what underwear you’re wearing” so it’s back to the drawing board. I’m okay if they’re not super flattering (although it’d be nice), I just want something that isn’t going to look like tissue paper in the infamous Dressage at Devon rain and doesn’t look like I’m pretending to still be a teenager with frayed hems. (I figured the breeding sub-forum would be the most likely to know a source of such unicorn pants)

Can you find dressy white jeans? Or pants made out of white denim?


Maybe try Old Navy?


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I’ve had good luck with white jeans from Eddie Bauer.

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Lands End maybe?

Use beige (nude) underwear.


I bought a pair of high waist ankle jeans from Ralph Lauren. That material is heavy…no way could you see through it.

Spanxx has a non-see-through white pant (has silver lining on the inside to do this). I haven’t tried them yet though.

If you wear either beige or black knee length undergarment, Spanx or bike shorts, you won’t have anything to show through.


Would something like this work? https://www.ridingwarehouse.com/Wrangler_Womens_Q_Baby_Mid_Rise_Dyeable_White_Jeans/descpage-WWDY.html