Normandy Invasion Gelded

Pointed towards second career.
Difficult to find a conformation photo. Hope this works;

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NTWO has one on their FB page.

I think this is great news. I will be eagerly awaiting to see where he is placed.
More info.

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Does anyone know why he was gelded? Was there a fertility problem or no interest in breeding to him or his offspring aren’t doing much? He’s gorgeous and it sounds like he has a nice temperament. He might have made a good sport horse sire, but I’m sure they’ll place him into a good home.

Lack of success and declining interest from breeders. He started in KY, then to NY and PA. I heard he could be tough to handle. Owner Rick Porter is big into aftercare, and fully supported gelding him to give him a more useful life. (No sense keeping a difficult stallion to breed a handful of mares).

However, I’ve seen a dozen of his 2yos at OBS sales and I love them. Very attractive, athletic and sporty. Leggy and well balanced. I was looking forward to them filtering into the sport world. He could have made a nice sport stallion, from the offspring I’ve seen. But, never a bad decision to make a good stallion into a great gelding.