Northern New Jersey Hunter/Jumper Barns

Does anyone have a recommendation for a barn in North Jersey with reasonable board prices? Thinking anything within about an hour from Manhattan. Does not need to be a high end AA show barn. Local show barn or even just somewhere with decent rings would suffice. Turn out is a definite - indoor ring would be nice.

Thanks in advance!

As well as responses you’ll get on this forum, you can also check out the “North NJ Horse Group” on facebook. Lots of boarding barns list there, and it’s a great place to get information on local barns.

If you could narrow it down in terms of what you mean by “Northern NJ” and what you mean by “reasonable” board prices you will probably get more targeted responses. For example, “withing 30 minutes of ___ and under $X.” Not trying to be snarky (I know, I know - that’s unusual round here), just trying to help.

This would be for someone coming from Manhattan. Within an hour from the city. I dont have a specific board price in mind because i havent boarded a horse in the area, but basically just less than the priciest AA show stables might be.

PM’d you.