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Nose Nets and Sneezing?

I didn’t see this addressed in previous topics… so I throw out the question:

My horse has been shaking his head a bit since summer arrived, he is ridable but noticeably irritated when it is hot and dusty. He also itches his nose when he gets an opportunity. In the indoor he doesn’t seem to do it.

Ordered LeMieux Nose filter and tried it out yesterday. He couldn’t stop sneezing! I walked him over to the arena with it on, but he just kept sneezing and trying to get it off. So I took it off. Today I put it on again to check, and… sneezing… so I took it off.

Anyone have this before? Is it work to try another type of nose net or is it just not his thing?

interesting. I just got my guy the lemieux fly mask with nose and he does the same thing. I had to cut the nose off

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Random thought – I wonder if there’s some residual odor from the manufacturing that is leading to this. Maybe try rinsing it and giving it another shot? A cheap solution if it works!


I use the Cashel quiet ride masks with the long nose and also some other brand (not LeMieux) of the same thing, from Greenhawk; no issues for the three horses I have used these with. Good luck!

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I have one that constantly sneezes when she has a fly mask with a nose cover. She’s not a head shaker but her son is. 🤷

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I had a different brand nose net and tried it with my horse for the same reasons (head flipping, always wanting to stop and rub his face, often sneezing especially at canter). It was not a brand new net, but it was clean. I put it on in the cross ties and same thing—sneezing fit until I took it off. I haven’t really figured it out, but he is a little bit hypersensitive on the trigeminal nerve generally. We have done acupuncture on his TMJ area a couple of times, and he’s super into that. Although I can’t say it stopped the other symptoms. Anyway, no answers for you, but I experienced the same thing.

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