Nose shield attachment - HOW TO?

Hi everyone!

I recently purchased a nose shield (like a fly mask only for the nose). There’s a velcro attachment at the top, but it just flip flops a little when attached. On each side, there are two stretchy strings, but I have absolutely no idea what to do with them. Please help!
*edit, they are fairly short, just to let you know!

Here’s what it looks like exactly:

If any of you have experience with the kind of product or have a good idea of where it should go, please share!

Thank you!

We have a few of these.

The middle velcro goes around the nose band, and the ties can either go to the nose band, or to the edge where the band meets the cheek pieces of the headstall.

You can also find ones that have 3 velcro pieces total, instead of one and two ties.

I have the Cashel nose net and it has the 4 velcro tabs. It fits on the nose band snugly. Very easy to put on and take off.