Not a "complete sentence"

Recently received this error when I tried to respond with “SWEDEN!!!” to the Olympic SJ thread. It won’t allow me to post at all with it. I get that this is probably anti-spam, but still annoying.

well I guess the system should make my posts for me since it now thinks it knows what I wanted to post

Suggest next time use " 瑞典 " then the oversight logrhythm should understand that you wrote Sweden

Ha! If it’s any comfort, I received the same message when I tested by attempting to post:


I’m surprised it doesn’t give you an option to accept it as typed. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


ANNOYING!!! :sunglasses:

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Well, it works if you add an emoji. :woman_shrugging:


I received this message multiple times while cheering on various horses in the Olympics. The board did not wish me to cheer for Vandiver specifically, Sweden generally, or shout ALL HAIL KING EDWARD! LONG LIVE THE KING! even though that is two complete sentences.

Are low-effort posts a common enough feature of spam that this function is serving a purpose?

Nope, no option. :confused:

TOO SHOUTY ? :smiley:

Too shouty ?

Got the message on the all caps without emoji - no message on the lower case post.

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Thanks for testing. If that’s part of the logic then the error message isn’t meaningful to the end user and for UX reasons I recommend it be updated to propose a user’s course of action to remediate the problem content.

Happening to me.

And ^^^^ that’s not a complete sentence!

So really annoying that what I wanted to post really is a sentence. But yes cannot override the content objection uurrrrrrggghhh.

I suspect they have been working at this site for a bit now.

The header is strange, way smaller and black, not dark green any more and hard to see what is there.
Starting threads show first post blank and the function with post numbers on the slider on the right of them is gone.

Do others have similar changes, or is it somehow just my laptop losing it, which would not be surprising, is getting old? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not for me.

They are back now, were missing for me yesterday and first post space is filled again. :thinking: