Not worthy offspring by Ruler's Court xx and more :)

Anybody who knows if there are any noteworthy sport horses (am thinking purebred TBs so OTTBs) by either Ruler’s Court xx b. 2001 by. Doneraile Court, Wise River xx b. 2003 by. Belong to Me, Under Tack xx b. 1973 by Crozier or Journey at Sea xx b. 1979 also by. Crozier out there :smiley:

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There were a couple of nice AO jumpers in Northern CA that were either daughters or granddaughters of Under Tack maybe 20 years ago. I don’t remember what they were shown as. Big bay mares, huge stride, very athletic like a lot of Crozier offspring.

Are you more interested in Crozier or Copelan? I have to ask since neither of the first 2 horses you list, Ruler’s Court and Wise River, have Crozier in their pedigree. But they are by Copelan. Both Crozier and Copelan were bred/owned by Fred Hooper, and along with Olympia, are some of his most famous horses. Fred passed away in 2000, so the last crop of foals off his place was in 2001. Unfortunately, his wife was pretty quick to get rid of all the horses, property, you name it after his death. Most of the horses went through a dispersal sale and ended up scattered all over the place.

It’s really hard to find any descendants of Crozier these days, especially because his most famous offspring, Precisionist, was nearly sterile and only sired 4 offspring. However, I have seen the stallion Beat Inflation pop up in some pedigrees of racing horses in the last few years or so, so he might be a good avenue to pursue.

Copelan was a much more prevalent sire, and one of his more recently well known and utilized descendants was Rockport Harbor. R.H. is deceased, but he was a pretty prolific sire, so is also another good sire line to check out.

I’ve got several mares with a mix of these bloodlines, and would be more than happy to discuss what I know, their movement, temperaments, etc. (I actually own this mare’s full sister that’s a year younger. She’s registered, but not officially named, so just using the sister as a link.)

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Even though interesting info I am interested in the stallions I mentioned and THEIR offspring rather than their father(s). Sad though whn people’s pride and joy and hard work gets scattered in the wind after they die which seems to be the case with the breeder of Copelan and Crozier