NOVA Hunt Trail Rides ?

I think I’ve exhausted the list of hunt trail rides and in particular, I cannot find any for July 4 or July 6 a.m. I have a couple of young horses that I’d love to get out and about.

Ideas? Suggestions? Websites?

Here ya go!! for a July 4 9am $20 in Middleburg off Sam Fred Rd at Sunnybank Farm. I think it’s a potluck picnic after. I think they do 2 groups. One walk/trot. Not going but will someday.
Most of the hunts aren’t having July rides but almost all start up August 1 so watch the Fauquier Times horse sport section for times/places etc.
I “think” Casanova is having summer evening rides on weeknights too but I don’t know the schedule. They do a terrific summer foxhunting camp perfect for green horses. As does Rappahannock Hunt I believe. Dates unknown. is a well maintained list of all Va. trailrides. You can get on their emailing list.
Good luck!

Thank you thank you! I think I will go to the Snickersville ride! Perfect timing!

ODH does them again in August.
I take out big-ish groups from my barn every Saturday and/or Sunday if you wanted to set up a schooling ride.
Warrenton does an evening series, as does Casanova.