Novice Hunt

A friend and I went on a novice hunt yesterday for the first time and had so much fun! We did 4th Flight which was walk trot because she has not been able to ride in about a year and I wanted to make sure she was safe and comfortable.

Since I was not sure what it would be like I took my older Appendix mare and older Standardbred that paces. That was a good choice for steadiness but by the end the horses were tired. I know now a couple of the younger ones would have been fine in that field.

If I didn’t work so much I think I would join. I will go back for a novice hunt again if at all possible.


I enjoyed reading about your hunt. Thank you for posting about it.
I hope you get to go again!

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I told one DIL today that we would go the next time they had one. I think I will take my other DIL and my middle son that still likes to ride. Hopefully I will retire next year and then I can join. Just does not make financial sense to join and never get to hunt.

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I agree, it doesn’t. As it is, you are getting to know the hunt and having a wonderful time while you’re out!
ETA And giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “hunter pace.” :smiley:

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A friend told me this morning I needed to go once a week. :slight_smile: I think he was seeing the residue of the fun I had lasting through Monday morning.



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