Novice Level Trail Obstacles Course

What obstacles should I expect at novice level? There’s a local show that I plan on entering but have no idea what to expect.


It really varies-- but likely a bridge you will need to walk over, a rope gate of some kind to open/close, something you will need to brush through (either a curtain of streamers or something like a pool noodle gate or both), picking things like cups or buckets up off barrels and carrying or dragging them, scary decorations that may move like balloons/flags/pinwheels, walking across something like a tarp, having to sidepass over a pole or stop with the horse’s feet in a hula hoop and do a turn on the forehand or hindquarters, having to back through a chute made of poles.

In my limited experience the obstacles tend to be the same for multiple levels but the degree of difficulty changes.


Fantastic. Thank you!

I would expect a L shaped pattern of ground poles to requested to back through

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I volunteered at a trail obstacle competition and you exactly nailed the list of obstacles!

I’ll be sure to report back.