Numbness while riding

So I have a new issue popping up. It also happens that I’m trying out a new saddle. I’m definitely on high alert then maybe it’s just not working for me although and every other way I feel good in it. So I’m not totally convinced that I’m just not having physical issues in general.

I’m having this numbness or vibration feeling in the muscle and basically my right buttock lol. It’s not painful in any way just a bit distracting and annoying.

Tonight I rode just a few minutes and it seems to coincide with the posting trot more than anything. Which I find pretty weird… I did try a different saddle immediately after which was different everywhere. I hated riding in it and I still had that feeling but maybe riding in the first saddle started up.

I’m wondering about sciatica nerve or piriformis syndrome which I guess is like a tightening of the muscle near the sciatica nerve.

It sure is a bummer to be dealing with this with this saddle on trial. Of course maybe the saddle is the cause but I’m not convinced yet.

I figured I would put in a call to my doctor too. I do have Elher Delanos syndrome which causes all kinds of wacky stuff to happen with my body. And my dad has a history of some pretty gnarly back issues… I hope they are not genetic but I want to be surprised if they were. Fingers crossed. If I had to choose I would hope that I just needed a different saddle!!

I have hEDS and have experienced funky nerve issues while riding.

Does the new saddle have a different width of twist than the saddles you’re used to? I’ve found wider twists cause a weird issue for me that results in pins and needles along my hip and leg. I’m not sure if that’s because my hips are too open due to the twist or I’m just sitting differently enough to hit a nerve.

It definitely won’t hurt to experiment with other saddles to see if it keeps occurring. You can find stretches for sciatic and other regional issues online (run the past your rheumatologist or PCP to make sure they won’t do more harm than good, though!)


Sounds similar!

I think the twist is fairly medium but I will pay attention the next few days while I try other saddles as well.

Definitely going to talk to my doctor too.

Hi! I don’t have EDS but I have experienced piriformis syndrome off and on for several years. For me, it’s secondary to facet joint syndrome and a twisted pelvis. I’ve never experienced numbness across the piriformis muscle itself, but instead I get “false sciatica” caused by the tight piriformis muscle pressing down on the sciatic nerve that runs underneath it. My chiropractor also told me that some people’s sciatic nerve runs through the piriformis muscle, which makes the false sciatica more frequent and more intense!

The only thing that helps my piriformis is stretching regularly. If I start to feel the sciatica feeling shooting down my leg, I know I need to get on top of the stretching again.

I also agree with looking at the twist of the saddle, I need a narrow twist to be comfortable. A wide twist exaggerates my pelvis twist, and sometimes makes my toes go numb


I stretch a lot but was reading some people actually need to strengthen that area. So I’m playing with that too. I was planning on trying to go see a chiropractor or a massage therapist and see what they think.

I’ve written in a number of different saddles this week with different twists, flaps and knee blocks. Doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. What’s really odd is it is very connected to the posting trot. Like I will be warming up at the walk and be fine. Then start posting and also feel fine until I come back into the walk. As soon as I sit again that’s when I feel the tingle.

I did decide to go ahead and buy the saddle as it doesn’t seem to make a difference what I’m in for this issue. It puts me in a good position on my horse goes really well in it and I’m told it has good resale value. So I decided to go with it and we’ll explore my body more off the horse

I am also hypermobile and have all sorts of fun mystery pains, tingling, and numbness. The thing that has helped the most for me has been physical therapy to strengthen the area. While stretching seems intuitive, it doesn’t address the foundational looseness in our connective tissue and the resulting chronic muscle strain. As you know, our muscles end up picking up the slack where our tendons and joints leave off.

I hope you get some relief. It can be really frustrating when your body is distracting you from doing what you love. Last week I couldn’t feel below the knee on my left side, but only at the canter. Good luck and keep us updated!

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That’s how I feel. I joke that it’s like putting out a different fire in my body every week. So fun lol

It was more alarming because of the new saddle but looks like my body just had great timing.

I really need to get to the physical therapist. I’m also curious about chiropractic (although that makes me nervous too) or massage therapy.

I’ve been adding strengthening exercises to everything else I do so fingers crossed it helps a bit. It doesn’t hurt but just like you said, it’s sure distracting!