Nunn Finer Hackamores

Sadness. My horse was at the receiving end of a very large foot to the jaw and had to have surgery on said broken jaw. Time will tell about about getting him back to work but the vet mentioned most likely riding in a hackamore to start. He has been ridden in a Dr. Bristol for all 3 phases and is not very strong and he is not a fan of anything with leverage. I was poking around at the Nunn Finer hackamores and was wondering if anyone knew which one might work best for him?

Firstly, I hope he recovers quickly. Just terrible.

I have the Nunn Finer in brown that I purchased through Riding Warehouse. I think the leather quality is superior to Herm Sprenger. I can’t speak to the metal pieces since I use ones I purchased through Markus Holst in Sweden. I definitely think it’s worth a purchase.

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