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"Nup" means "Nope"

Interesting to read this article the day after the Breeders Cup.

Your thoughts? Could it happen here?

The Guardian is being dramatic. The Nup to the Cup mob pop up every year - once a year - and dramatically: renounce the race, change their profile pics on FB, and spout horse lingo and stats like they personally invented racing.

Wednesday after they’ll all bugger off to whatever else occupies them and they’ll think no more about horses, racing, or the Cup until next November. Unless a horse is injured, then they will rehash it until at least the following week. The last horse that was “dramatically KILLED BY THE CUP” is now eventing. Very undead.

I can guarantee you that Flemington will be bursting out of its skin tomorrow.

Reasons “the Cup” is “uncool” with business is that it’s gambling, not horse welfare. The good old office sweepstakes is seen as unsupportive and a bit like smoking (just not done).

As for Myers? They backed away because they are downsizing and selling up! Our Myers was halved at the local shopping centre after 20 years, and I hear the Queen St mall one (an institution) is closing.

Aussies love racing, drinking, and having luncheons. The Cup is going nowhere. Our local is booked out for the Cup luncheon.


Thank you for replying.
All weekend I’ve been wondering why Australian horses haven’t been talked up much at the Breeders Cup.
Now it makes sense with the Melbourne Cup so close in time. After all, the Melbourne Cup has been around a lot longer than the Breeders Cup.


Yep. The Cup is tomorrow. Will I be watching it? Darn tootin’!

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Race recap and replay:

Melbourne Cup 2023

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