NY/NJ/PA Sales Barns

I am posting for someone who is looking for a AA horse with A/O potential and looking to spend somewhere between 50-65k. She is looking for a barn somewhere in New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania. Also, it would help if the barn was able to do a lease with an option as she is trying to find the perfect horse. Thanks!

Walk the Line LLC

I second Walk the Line, but are you looking or a friend or both?

Hi I am looking to buy an new hunter horse to eventually do the A/O’s on and I am traveling to NJ, PA ,MD, VA next weekend in hopes to find one. I am from New York, so if anyone knows of any top quality sales barns in those areas I would appreciate it!


Both, but my friend is looking for a barn who will do a lease option and some sales barns are not interested in doing it that way

We literally just had the SAME thread. Literally JUST HAD. Reddfox linked it.

She’s the one that started that one, too…

My mind is boggling. Did you think you’d get different answers, OP, a DAY LATER?!