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Ocala area rental fell through - HELP! need ideas!

Exactly what the title says. :cry: This is my first trip down and I really don’t want to cancel since I am taking vacation days and leave without pay from my corp job! That and of course how excited I am to go in general.

I am scrambling to find something. I’ve searched online, CL, zillow, Air B&B, VBRO, realtor sites, sublet.com, etc. There a ton of sketchy postings out there.

Need a place Feb 1-April 1. Budget - obviously don’t want to pay an exorbitant amount, but I also don’t want to be unrealistic.

Could be something just for me or there is a possibility for two others (a couple) to join me in a larger place.

Any suggestions on where to look? Hopefully the COTH experts have insider info to share?

(note - at least the farm for my horse is secure. :slight_smile: )

Post on flahorse.com and check floridahorse.com

Thanks uphill!

Groups on fb to post:
Sporthorse Ocala
Rocking Horse Friends
Rocking Horse
Longwood Farm

Good luck!

Thank you LoriT!

Some rv parks have rentals too.