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Ocala - winter rental -where to look

Hi everyone!

I’m pretty familiar with Aiken, but my client wants to head to Ocala this year (closer, bigger airports). With all the social media pages and websites, where are people posting their rental properties and having the best luck?

Thanks in advance!

PS I did a search of the forums, but couldn’t find old threads or recent threads. :slight_smile:

Ocala4sale Craigs list and realtors ( google Ocala realtors) The realtors would probably be your best bet. They seem to know the most available properties, even if they aren’t listed. Sometimes its a farm that hasn’r sold that will get rented for the season. A lot of places are already taken, though. You might look here, too http://realestate.ocala.com/rentals/ocala-fl-usa

We had luck through VRBO.

I’d also try Facebook groups such as Equestrians, Sport Horse Ocala.

Sometimes people rent a larger place than they need just to secure it and will have dry stalls available, or be interested in a shared rental situation.