OCD hock recovery

Have a 2 yr old filly recovering from OCD hock surgery and her joint capsule is still rather large. I know it takes time but it’s been 8 weeks and I was wondering if anyone has used magnet therapy for recovery from this type of surgery. I don’t see anything anywhere on anyone using magnet therapy for anything other than arthritic type issues or tendon/ligament injuries. It would seem to me that improving circulation might help the joint capsule shrink back down. I’m not even 100% sold on magnetic therapy but I figure I want to give the filly every opportunity to heal. (Or maybe I want to feel like I’m doing SOMETHING, LOL) I already have her on supplements, etc. Just wondering what else is out there. Also wondering who else has experience with this and how long afterwards they continued to see improvement?

Magnet therapy would be a big waste of your money. Don’t bother.

To keep swelling down post OCD surgery, a supportive wrap is best. I use lightly applied Elastikon plus a little cotton padding underneath so the whole wrap doesn’t stick to the leg. It’s important to make sure it’s not too tight.

Some horses are just going to always have a slightly boggy hock after surgery, and that’s just cosmetic.

My mare had her surgery 3 years ago as a 4 year old. We were told by the vet that there might always be some effusion because the capsule has been stretched out. She did have slight swelling for a long time, but it has gradually gone down over the years. I didn’t do anything special, I wouldn’t waste your money.

Agree, my horse had OCD arthroscopy on his hind fetlock when he was 5. The vet warned me it might always look a bit bigger than the other one. We were really careful and slow with the recovery and within 6 months it returned to normal size. YMMV. But I agree with BeeHoney, you are much better off wrapping as long as you are sure you’re applying the right amount of tension.

Time. I also put them on Adaquan (but I do that for all my youngsters). I also had good luck with conquer gel but you typically want to start that right away with the surgery.


The surgeon only had us wrap the hocks for 2 weeks after surgery. I since it’s been 8 weeks since then, I don’t think wraps will help.

My horse is six years out from hock surgery. He still has the bump on his hock on the outside of the joint. It never did go away and I expect that it never will.

I would try a back on track hock wrap before I would bother with magnets. But I wouldn’t stress too much. It just takes some time.

I had it done on a 7 yr old and it took almost a year for all the swelling to go down. Do not fret, patience is a virtue as my mother would say.