Odd Leg Swelling

I’d love thoughts on the best next step.

Day 1 - Scab on leg with a thin trail of dried blood. scab is 1’ x 1/8’. no heat. no swelling. no sensitivity. sound WTC.
Day 2 - Area around scab (maybe 1" x 1/2") is slightly puffy. no heat. no swelling. no sensitivity. sound WTC
Day 3 - Leg is swollen knee to ankle on same side as scab. hot. sensitive. Sound W/T on the line (didnt press for canter). Called vet soonest appointment is morning of Day 5.
Night of Day 3/Day 4 - Bute, sweat wrap (DSMO, furacin, epsom salt - per vet rec)
Day 5 - Leg cold, tight, perfect. Vet says well done, pats the leg and leaves. No additional treatment recommended.
Day 6 - Leg cold, tight, and normal. Sound WTC
Day 7 - Leg is puffy in a 2"x3/4" area around scab. Slight heat. No sensitivity. Cold hosed, clipped around the scab, and did a betadine scrub. Scab is one of those tightly attached indented types so not some gnarly thing that could be peeled off do some deep cleaning.

If tomorrow I’ve got a return of the fat leg should I push for SMZs? Should the scab be removed by the vet and a culture done? Another sweat wrap and just give it a day? Other approaches?

I would cold hose it, do another betadine treatment and add triple antibiotic.

If it blows up again, I’d go with antibiotics.

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