Odd Lip Swelling

I recently found an odd swelling in my youngsters mouth. I had just gotten the bridle on and looked at his bit and some of the swelling was sticking out. I of course removed the bridle immediately and investigated. It was the inside of his lip about three inches long, so swollen that the skin was peeling away, and was dark purplish in color. I couldn’t find any sore or foreign object and he hadn’t been ridden in at least three days and the swelling looked to be recent so I figured it wasn’t the rough spot on his happy mouth. He’s eating fine and only occasionally shows discomfort. I took a picture and sent it to my vet who’s advice was time and bute, and if it got worse to call. It looks to me like a large blood blister or allergy reaction. Has anyone experienced similar symptoms?

Could you post a photo? Maybe a bee sting?

Did you recently paste worm him?

I had wormed him maybe 10 mins before I had tacked him up.

I can’t post a picture, but here’s a link to dropbox that should work. https://www.dropbox.com/s/iv28uwz8akiwlae/IMG_20150415_140240599.jpg?dl=0

What did you worm him with?

Well I took my gelding in to the vet clinic to have his teeth floated. When sedated, a purple lump was evident on his lower lip, as the lip started to hang. I noticed it, and brought it to the vet’s attention. “We had better stick a needle into that and see what comes out” he says. So he does that. “Blood”, he says, “and fresh. He must have bumped his chin in the trailer, it’s a bruise/blood blister”. And there was a $42 dollar charge on my bill for this information, which I thought was a bit excessive. So perhaps this is what you are looking at. Give it some time, and see what happens before you also incur a vet bill for this.

Its looks like a bump to me, but the peeling skin says a burn or rub…very confusing…
Have you used that wormer before?? Maybe its an allergic reaction to the wormer and will heal with time.

No idea where you are located. Is there a possibility of blister beetles?