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Off the track Quarter horses for barrel racing

I’m currently looking for my next barrel prospect and I’m supper interested in an off the track QH. I need some advice on where to look since there’s not as wide off a network as there are for OTTBs. And any advice when working with them is welcome as well.

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If there is quarter horse racing near you, go check it out and start talking to people. That’s how you find out, in your area. Lots on social media these days too.
Ask a trainer.
Ask a friend.

Is there is a reason you are set on an off the track horse?

That’s an extremely broad question.
Every horse is different.
Every situation is different.

The bottom line is that you need to treat them like an unbroke colt and totally start over. There’s usually lots of things that need to be fixed in training, because they’re simply trained to RUN. Now you’ve got to put the wheels back on the cart, get some steering, install the breaks, etc etc.

Do you have experience with training a horse from scratch?


Recently they have become I lot more popular were I live and I love the running style a lot of them have.

Not from total scratch but I’ve retained my gelding that came out of a neglect situation and put all the training on my mare from when she was started at 3 (they put 60 days on her then sent her to a barrel trainer how I bought her from before she even started working with her) she’s now 9. And have some experience working with OTTBs.

Sadly my tracks racing season is over I was originally looking for a OTTB more seriously so was taking to thoroughbred people. When I realized an off the track QH might be more what I’m looking for our season was already over. I have actually found a few people to contact though.

I’ve started talked to one trainer near me that I found. She says she loves almost every horse she’s bought off the track and she’s done it for years. She’s found them decently easy to work with and have great work ethic. Her and her daughters both barrel race and win on off the track horses. It’s the middle of rodeo season though so she’s not bringing any new horses in to train and sell.


I just did a Google search for racing quarter horses for sale, and racing quarter horse sales. Do that and you’ll find several sources.


I know of a gorgeous big appendix mare. Seems sounds and quite stunning.

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Could you pm me the info?