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Oh joy! Somebody dumped a kitten

Sounds like a great plan. You are doing right by this kitty!


Little Missy (temporary name) went to the Pet Vet at TSC today to get her first kitten shots. They estimated 8 to 10 weeks old and she weighs 3.5 pounds. It doesn’t look like they give a rabies shot until third kitten shots at 16 weeks. I missed the cutoff for the spay on the 28th but am signing off on the October one and she will have to have a rabies shot for the spay. I think if she is only 8 to 10 weeks I am safe on her not getting knocked up before October. Hopefully. She had a lot of flea dirt but they didn’t see any fleas so it sounds like the topical did its job. She still looks tucked up to me but has definitely gained weight. The vets didn’t see any issues with her weight and health.

I took Uggs too. He was past due for his shots. Not such a good result for him. He had bleeding gums and the vet said he looked like he had resorptive lesions in his mouth. GREAT. I was happy when she said it didn’t look like stomatitis but then I read about resorptive lesions and wasn’t so happy :grimacing:. I don’t know if this is new for him but nobody has noticed it in the past when he got an exam. He weighs 15 and a half pounds so he hasn’t stopped eating yet. Or even slowed down. Vet said she was not an expert and I needed to get him to a full service vet to look at his mouth. I am glad she noticed it and said something. I can’t find anything on Google that really says how they get the problem or how to avoid it. Poor guy!


Oh no!! Poor uggs. Those lesions are painful. Sounds like a trip to the vet for x-rays and s cleaning is needed - be prepared that some extractions may be in order.

My cat was diagnosed with lesions, but in a few months it was full- blown stomatitis which required extractions. I could tell he was hurting and he was losing weight, drooling, not playing with toys, hiding and being anti-social which was really unlike him. I was surprised how quickly everything deteriorated but am glad that the extraction was worth it. He is a happy toothless cat and happily put his weight back on.

Hoping for a better situation for uggs!