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Oh joy! Somebody dumped a kitten

Found it yesterday and after it found out canned cat food was being served it moved onto my front porch and has claimed it as its own. My other cats hate it. Gretel refused to eat until I served her breakfast in the barn and will not go up to the house. Hansel hates it too. It needs a new home because 4 cats is more than plenty, especially since one of them is hated by the others and had to move into the house to avoid serious bites and abscesses from the bites.

Anyway the plan is to get it wormed, vaccinated and spayed (I think it is female) and find it a decent home. It won’t be easy. Luckily it is very sweet and not feral at all.

It is a lot skinnier than this picture shows.

So today I dosed it with Advocate (Bayer) that kills fleas, ear mites, ascarids, hookworms. I had it on hand and it seemed like the best option from what I had on hand. But doesn’t do tapeworms. How soon can I dose it with Droncit to kill the tapeworms? Kitten is very skinny and has that pot bellied wormy look. Partly from no food and I assume parasites. I can take it to the TSC traveling vets on the 23rd but want to get a start on killing worms. That will help the kitten and keep my cats safer from being infected.


Thank you so much for helping this kitty! Hopefully she grows up to be somebody’s very special and gorgeous gray companion :two_hearts:.

I perused a bit on the internet and found the below. It sounds like two weeks between treatments;

“We also advise not to give multiple treatments at the same time. You should leave 2 weeks between administering spot-on treatment (e.g. Advocate) and a worming tablet (e.g. Milbemax). Alternatively, if you give worming tablets first, such as Milbemax or Drontal, it is advised to wait 48 hours before giving the spot-on treatment. This is to prevent possible overdose of the active ingredients.”



Bless you for helping the lovely kitten ~ love her expression ~


Thank you so much! Somebody was trying to tell me I could worm for tapes the next day and that didn’t sound safe to me. Not only for toxicity but also I worried about expelling a bunch of dead ascarids and then a bunch of tape worms. Better to ask first before you do something bad.


You’re welcome. I knew from my own vet about the reverse application being min 48 hours between but had no clue regarding spot-on then worming tablet. I learned something too!


thank you for caring for her. She looks sweet. I dont think they even give the Drontal anymore. I was asking my vet about it and she said with the advent of the spot-on treatments that stuff has gone by the wayside. Maybe some still use it - who knows?

P.S. She looks like a Susie. Or Cinderella if you stick with fairy tale names.

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Poor little girl! She sure wandered to the right place.

Bless you for helping her.


Ooops it is Droncit - a topical. I should probably wait the two weeks.


Oh, she’s lovely. That picture shows her plans for you, lol! Thank you for helping her. You’re doing all the hard work. That should make a new home easier to find.


She has taken over the front porch, the front door and around the porch. Hansel and Gretel have removed themselves to the barn " There is an ANIMAL up there. I can’t possibly go up there to eat." Uggs gets along with everybody so those two get along fine. She sure isn’t sacred of anything. And the flea/dewormer topical does not seem to have affected her. She eats like a horse and I don’t know where she is putting it. She isn’t really young like a just weaned kitten - she doesn’t weigh much because she is so skinny. Food and worming should help that.


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Awwwww…
I hope H & G get over their snit & realize their World hasn’t ended :pouting_cat::scream_cat:
No name yet?


Ooh may we name the kitty? (Seeing as how you’re not keeping her :wink:)

How about Elys, or Elisa … isn’t she from a fairy tale?

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Especially since her story mimics theirs. They were dumped in my pasture as kittens. My horse spooked at them and I walked down to the trees in the bottom of the pasture where I had seen something. Nada. Then, at dusk, they appeared on my front porch and discovered canned cat food. They took over and never left, much to Gremlin’s chagrin. They hate each other - H&G and Gremlin. They thought they had it made until That Animal showed up. They are not mean to her - they just don’t want to be anywhere near her.


Cats! :unamused:
My barncats showed up as around-6-8wk kittens on the night of 4th of July, the first year I had the farm.
Came strolling up my driveway, where friends & I were setting off non-noisy fireworks: snakes & little race cars that merely fizzed.
We figured Mom had been teaching them to hunt & they got separated… Or?
Orange boy & gray tuxedo girl I named Independence (gray) & Day.
Sadly Day became roadkill shortly after I had them neutered :cry:
But I had Indy 10yrs & was considering switching her to In/Out housecat as she aged, but she had a stroke, found her disoriented in the barn one morning. She died at the vet’s as he was getting ready to examine her… With me in stinky barn clothes as I took her there immediately.
Never replaced her, but every now & then I see cats in the barn I call my Drivebys.

Lighting a candle for your find to be accepted, or at least for a Truce.


During covid - we had one teeny kitten dumped at our house. We took her in. Kitten was 6-7 wks old.

1 yr later - found second kitten in the hay field about the same size. Great - another little kitten. The vet said - nope - this kitten is 4-5 months old… just basically starved. Her progress was interesting. Her front legs were always too short for her as she grew. She got fat and wasn’t as nearly as athletic jumping and being a cat as the other. But, now - two year later - she is slim, she looks pretty normal and she can jump and seems nearly as athletic as the other. She is WAY spicier… probably because she managed to survive.

Good luck with the new one… i have a feeling she’s staying just like ours did.


Hmm, since you aren’t sure whether she’s a she or a he, how about Zane? As in Zane Grey. That covers the color and a name, lol. It can morph into Zannie if she’s a girl. :grinning:


Is it possible she is pregnant? She could be a small 5 month old who got knocked up on her first heat cycle…

Assuming she is just wormy I’ve had success with these tape worm pills Elanco Tapeworm Dewormer (praziquantel tablets) for Cats and Kittens 6 Weeks and Older, 3-count https://a.co/d/2fkqpR9

Oh GOD! Don’t say that. I don’t think she is because she is looking a lot better after only a few days. She eats like a horse and I did use a topical that is supposed to kill ascarids and fleas. I will take her to the TSC traveling vets to get shots and hopefully worm for tape worms this coming weekend. And try to get her a spot in the Bibb County Pet Welfare low cost spay on the 28th. If she is knocked up it will cost more but I think they will still do a terminal spay. I am sorry if that offends people but there just ARE NOT decent homes around here and there is a limit to what I can properly take care of.

I do have some tape worm pills but they are for large cats and I am not sure I could split one much less get it down her. I will see what the TSC vets can do first. She is entering that long lanky stage of growth but I am not sure she is 5 months old yet. But I really can’t age cats very well so who knows.


Pretty sure it is a girl. But I could be wrong.

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Nobody can possibly be offended. You’re doing everything you can for this helpless little cat.

Thank you again!