Oh My!

This is different:
Mystery figure who bought 22 horses during ‘medical episode’ to sell up | Bloodstock News | Racing Post

"Mystery buyer Louis Bloodstock made an eyebrow-raising splash at the Magic Millions National Yearling Sale in June when the hitherto unknown identity purchased a grand total of 22 yearling fillies for just shy of A$1 million (£588,000/€688,000), to be named the leading buyer at the season-ending auction on the Gold Coast.

However, it now transpires that the figure behind the free-spending Louis Bloodstock outfit is former Magic Millions and Torryburn Stud owner Rob Ferguson - and he is selling all 22 fillies having purchased them during what he described as a ‘medical episode’.

Ferguson, who suffers from a lung condition, was in the midst of being taken off a course of steroids by his doctor, the side-effects of which can be an experience of ‘invulnerability’ and ‘euphoria’.

“It was like having been at the Magic Millions bar all day and then deciding to buy some horses. It felt like a great idea at the time,” Ferguson said, who revealed he conjured up the name ‘Louis Bloodstock’ as it derives from the name of his dog, Louis."


Oh my indeed!
Can we speak of “buyer’s remorse”?


Whoops! Seemed like a good idea at the time.

That’s pretty funny. Thankfully he had the money to pay for them.

Steroids can do strange things to people. At least in this instance, no real harm done.

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It sounds like all involved are being good sports about it!

Yeah, when my husband came off prednisone, he just bought (and ate) multiple packs of those Lofthouse sugar cookies, not $600k of Thoroughbreds. :laughing:


I mean, how can you resell all of them. You need to keep at least one and have a good time with it at this point.

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This sounds like a need for that service that will block people’s phones from transmitting drunk texts after midnight, or something like that. LOL

A service you can set up before your planned medical experience to block you from all financial accounts, from text and email, from signing your name to anything … also sounds like driving would also be a bad idea while feeling exuberant and invulnerable.

A selling point would be a photograph of 22 yearling fillies being unloaded at someone’s front door. “Here, these are yours. They’re hungry. Also they need to pee.” :grin:


He is the former owner of Magic Millions and Torryburn Stud https://www.torryburnstud.com.au/ so not a newbie to buying and selling yearlings. If he wanted horses he’d have them. He just thought at that moment that he wanted 22 fillies, and he really doesn’t. :grin:


my comment was tongue in cheek/sarcasm. you didn’t get it.

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