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She’s not that downhill, honestly. My IDSH is more downhill at the moment, and they are approximately the same age.

Pretty much any horse can do low-level dressage. I wish she had a little more bone on her legs, because white tends to make things look bigger and even with white legs they look on the light side. Her biggest fault to me is that her pasterns look weak, but if you aren’t expecting her to be turning and burning, should be okay. The curve of her white marking on her shoulder matching the curve of her chest keeps throwing my eye wonky at her neck, but I think it’s an optical illusion. I think she’s cute and I like her hip and shoulder. She has a great little expression too.

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Maybe its the photo but not seeing downhill here at all. Looks like shes about done height wise as are most coming 4 year olds in the stock type breeds.

That’s just my impression based on this picture…can you show us more photos? Preferably with her standing more relaxed…she seems a little tense here.


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Question: is downhill measured by rump vs withers height only?
Does hock vs front knee ever enter into the equation?

Hind cannons should be longer than front cannons - knees should be lower than hocks.

Measure a line from the true stifle to the elbow.

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Thanks guys. For me I judge it if I feel pitched forward, falling over. I was told by someone once that my Arab was “not down hill”, but I couldn’t see it. He had a high head/neck carriage though, so maybe that’s what they saw.

All horses are pretty to me, each in their own way, either by looks or personality or cantankerousness.