Oil Filled Radiators for Tack/Feed Room - do you leave them on 7x24? (Safety concerns)

I have just purchased this heater for my small 12x12x8 feed/tack room. The room is insulated, has a small window, uncovered cement floor, 2 wood doors which are thick, but I’m not sure how insulating. The unit is in the middle of the room with approx 2’ clearance from any objects.

So far, I love it but I haven’t been keeping it on 7x24 as I’m concerned (like everyone) about any safety issues with it constantly running. Ideally, I’d love to run it 7x24 all winter. I’m pretty much the only person who goes in and out of the room. There are no pets in the room.

What do others do that have this type of heater?
Do you run it continuously?

Am I okay running it 7x24?

Thanks in advance!

I had 2 of them in a non-heated sunroom where we kept the litter box for our cats. That meant keeping the door between it and the rest of the house open all winter.

They were kept on all winter, with the power set to low and the thermostats to a comfortable temperature setting. This lasted 15 years, with no problems running them 24/7 for about 5 months every year.

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I’ve used them in various applications, sometimes running them all winter. There is a theoretical risk of fire if they short out or something but with modern designs the risk is very low. Only you can decide if the risk is acceptable.

Yes, I run one in my tack room all winter. Yes, it is “on”, but it can be programmed to only heat for a certain number of hours per day, rather than heating non stop. That’s how I set it. The tack room has great insulation, does not lose heat when the heat is not on. How many hours out of 24 you have to run it depends on how cold the conditions are. I keep the temperature just a few degrees above freezing. From what I understand, these heaters are about the safest option for a tack room like this, safer than element heaters. Yes, there is always risk. But if I don’t, everything will freeze solid at -30C.

Yes, as well. I have been using the radiator type heaters for years in my tack room at the barn to keep the barn kitties warm and the pipes from freezing. They’re awesome. Yes, mine stay on 24/7 sometimes for a week or more straight (I live in GA) and see pretty constant use at least at night through the winter. I will probably be replacing the two at the barn in the not to distant future as I’ve had them for a decade or more now. Great product.

I don’t use one in my barn, but I use one in my storage/tool shed. The shed is insulated, and I keep the heater set at about 50 or 55. So far (third winter now), I’ve never had any trouble with it.