Old Friends


Thank you for the video!

I follow Old Friends on FB. They are an amazing org and I just love reading updates of their herd during morning coffee. TBs are so very lucky to have them!

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I watch CBS Sunday Morning religiously & this segment had me :grin: & even a bit :sleepy:

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I loved that piece, thanks for sharing! I also follow Old Friend’s on Facebook and would love to get there for a tour someday.

what an amazing piece

That was fabulous, thanks for sharing. I have been there several times, it is really a wonderful place. I encourage everyone to go if you get the chance.

I really enjoyed this piece talking about the expansion of Old Friends programs- especially in Japan. As long as their reach doesn’t exceed their grasp, they will be doing awesome things for these horses.


I had a wonderful visit in early July. It was amazing to meet and greet champions now hairy and happy in retirement.

DH and I did the Saturday tour, so no Blowen, but the guide was knowledgable and accommodating.

I was amazed how few horse people were on the tour–mostly just visitors to Kentucky I guess it seemed a cool thing to do. Mostly adults, a few kids.

When the guide asked who wanted to give Silver Charm carrots and pet him I wondered which child I might have to kick to the curb, but no, no one took her up on it, so I got to feed and pet an almost Triple Crown winner.


Whomever is able to visit, I hope will look for Wheres my White’s memorial brick. I’d like to see it.