Old Notifications return as unread at random

upon clicking on the ‘new’ unread notification I get directed to a post I have already read several times over, as far as 100 posts back from the latest addition to the discussion.

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That has been happening to me too.


Same…I noticed just before it started happening that I got a server error message when I had refreshed the page. It was gone after the next refresh.

I also got a server error message. Now I’m getting notifications for unread posts on threads I’m following only to find out there aren’t any unread posts. Or notifications that somebody recently “liked” a post that I had already received notification on days earlier.

Me too, keep letting me know someone responded or liked this or that, several times, the same post, now old.

It has told me at least 10 times that I have a response to a private message and then it takes me to the same response that is days old.

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Please try logging out and logging back in to see if that helps reset the site’s gremlins. You can also try clearing the cookies for the site from your browser to see if that helps.

If not, and the issue persists, please let us know!


well, clearing the cache and cookies logged me out and your post popped up as unread…

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Me either. I’ve been switching between platforms too and it makes no difference.

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Thanks for the update. I’ll let the developers know tomorrow.

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I just got a notification of a post that was made four days ago, read four days ago too. So the level of notification confusion is not just recent things.

Me, too - on all my devices (iPaid, laptop, office computer, and cell phone) - some are ones I’ve received notifications for several times already.

Yes, I also just had the same thing happen on a post from four days ago.

Ditto. I’ve received at least 6 notifications for the same post(s).

Has the notification/ likes function been fixed yet ?

I need to know when I can proceed • thanks •

Good question.


I had regular notifications this morning, no repeat old ones as we had lately.
Coincidence, will be back, or cyber gurus fixed those overnight?