Old Threads

Since earlier this year, after I lost my old horse, I’ve had terrible insomnia. In the wee hours, I started reading the forums again, starting from the last page, going forward in time. I was getting a lot of comfort going back through all the old threads/posts.

With the new forum format, there is no way to start at the new threads and scroll all the way back to get to the really old threads from many years ago. Without the title of every single thread, is there a way of, say, asking for all threads from a specific year? Any other ideas? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I’m very sorry about your horse :frowning:

A couple options for you:

From each forum, you could sort by top, and then select a time frame. This will give you the most popular topics in that category for the time frame you select

Another option is advanced search? You can select a time period there.

Another option is to sort each forum by clicking on # of replies, and that gives you the longest threads in each forum

How do those work for you?


Simkie, Thanks so much for the reply (and the sympathy). I’ll try your suggestions. Stay well. :kissing_heart:

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