Older 4 Star 2 horse straight load

Hi all, does anyone own an older 4 horse straight load… maybe around 2000? I’m looking for a picture of the back end configuration of the trailer itself. I just bought a new one that is supposed to be exactly like one I had in 2000, and I am sure it is different. I am not unhappy w 4 Star, but I am unhappy w the dealer. Thank you!

@clanter I thought I’d try to tag you, as you seem to find obscure information sometimes. Thank you.

Might be able to find something similar on the horse trailer for sale sites - you can specify a 4 horse head to head. :slight_smile:

Here’s a 2002 4-Star if that helps: https://horsetrailerworld.com/home/trailerdetail.asp?ID=1485718

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Thank you!! I looked but didn’t find pictures nearly as helpful as this one.

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