Older Brenderup need advice

I’m looking at purchasing a 1997 Brenderup Royal TC. This would be my first horse trailer. I’m wondering if anyone has experience with Brenderup trailers and how they hold up over time. I have friends that are concerned for how well the fiberglass holds up. I know the floor and tires are new. From the pictures I’ve seen it looks to be in great shape. Thanks for any help or advice you can provide.

If the floor and tires are new you should be in good shape. My 91 Prestige didn’t have a new floor and I found out a week after I bought it that the US factory was closing, so my trailer guy had to make do with layers of marine grade plywood which is similar to their floor. Just keep in mind that any of the parts that were made specifically for that trailer like windows or the flap above the ramp aren’t easily replaceable, but that’s true for any 1997 trailer. My roof is absolutely fine, last I checked (I don’t use the trailer much & it’s parked not at my house and not where my horse is either).

I had a 1999 Baron that I sold just 3 years ago. It was still in great condition. The floor had been replaced once, and the tires of course. Do a thorough check-up but I wouldn’t stress about the fiberglass particularly. A steel trailer could easily age poorly too.

There are many folks who “would kill” to even find an available Brenderrup to buy…and a large number of folks who are biased because they are “different” that “North American” trailer designs. If the floor, frame, lighting and inertial brake system is sound, go for it. Don’t worry about the fiberglas…it’s much more durable than the steel and aluminum fans might believe.

I’ve got a 2011 Baron LSL and I absolutely love it. It is an easy trailer to own and an easy trailer to operate.