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Older horse with acute chronic foot abscesses... Cushings?

My 20yr old thoroughbred gelding has had 3 abscesses in 3 different feet within the past 3 months (or very close to that). When he was younger he hardly ever had abscesses… Maybe a handful in the 17 yrs I have owned him. The order of the infections have been Rf, Rh and today Lf. His Rh abscess was really bad with a track to the bone, but through very vigilant care he was able to pop it out of the cornet. Our vet suggested he could have cushings, even though he does not display any of the other common symptoms-- such as shaggy coat, excess drinking and urination, etc.

we started him three weeks ago on daily precend (sp).

When we found the horse today non weight baring we called the vet who is going to come out and see him tomorrow… But he conjectured that the horse may have some dead laminae from the cushings in there that may take up to 6 months to work its way out. He also ran an AcTH last time, which he was going to look at again, but on the phone recalled it being WNL. We requested he do a full blood panel this time.

Has anyone experienced this before? I am needless to say VERY concerned with this horses quality of life, and will not have him living in the stall in pain, but I would like to fix him also. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you!

I would check thyroid function and test for insulin resistance first.

What is he eating?

Here’s hoping you can get to the bottom of your guy’s problem.