Olympic Team on Today Show- Video

The show jumpers chatted for a few minutes this morning from Germany. Best of luck to them!!


Bruce’s kid bringing the show jumping into American homes.


Whatever it takes! Lol.


This is really great publicity for equestrian sport in North America.


What happens to the teammate who doesn’t get selected to compete in the team competition? Do they still get to compete as an individual, or they don’t compete at all? I don’t think I have seen the details for the new 3 member team format.

Very cool! Love the video. Thanks for sharing!

Here’s an article on the subject:

Thank you and also for posting the Today Show interview.

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You’re welcome. The format is a pretty big adjustment, that’s for sure.

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So if I read that correctly, everybody on the team could compete between the qualifying team round and the team final. That’s interesting.

Maybe I overlooked it, but are all four eligible for the individual qualifier?