On mowers: riding mowers and otherwise

Questions without big story:

What is your favorite riding mower? Year, make, model and why?

What is your favorite push lawn mower?

Emphasis on easy to start, efficient, not too loud.

In the market for something new this year.
Tired of my dinosauric riding mower that takes forever to start.
Thanks in advance!

Sorry, did not read for comprehension. My recommendation for a “push” mower goes to:

We have a zero-turn now, but prior to that I was not totally unhappy with a self-propelled walk-behind Cub Cadet. We called it the “chase mower” because if you put it in high gear you had to jog to keep up with it!

I do not think there is a quiet lawnmower. I have WorkTunes ear protectors so I can listen to something while working.

There is an electric ZT Cub Cadet now. I have no personal experience with it but it would be quiet!


My experience with electric mowers is they don’t have enough lift. This is n=1, with an EGO push mower on a 7.4AH battery.

I also have a JD 42" rider which I use on the majority of everything, but take out the EGO for the tight spots. Its performance is lackluster in comparison.

We have a 2019 Cub Cadet 50” zero turn mower and an older riding mower. Love the ease of a zero turn but you have to be extremely careful on uneven or sloping ground with them, at least that has been my experience.

I just purchased a Toro zero turn and it’s a blast to use. Independent suspension on the seat and a can hold two beers. Love it so far.

For push mowers I really like the Neuton battery powered mower. But a single battery won’t cut a full acre. It’s better suited to smaller yards.

For ride on, we have a basic model Husqvarna. It’s about 4 years old and it’s wonderful. It’s nothing fancy but the engine is great and it should last 15+ years with regular maintenance. We cut a little over an acre with it.