Once i begin a thread---

or when anyone else does–this may help other members too-----------------what can i delete or remove if it simply snowballs into troll ugly fun? ive seen threads original poster tried to just delete their entire thread, but all comments remained so it was confusing – just wanted to understand first. thanks

You can’t delete the thread. You can delete your posts including your original post and your title. You can’t delete other people’s posts including when they quote you.

A title changed from let’s say “my crazy barn, wwyd?” to “deleted” will of course draw a lot of traffic as everyone clicks to see why it’s deleted.

I have learned the best strategy is to not post things you might regret, to always assume the crazy barn, trainer, seller, etc you want to vent about is a silent reader of COTH, and to not engage with other comments that are heading for the crazy train.


Deleting a whole thread when you don’t like the responses just isn’t something that’s ever been an option.

Also note that while you can certainly go back and delete your own posts, this site is crawled by google & the wayback machine, and your posts can be cached there. The internet is forever!

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But then, if someone quotes what you posted then you removing your post makes it so the information is still in the thread - in other words, you deleting it does not make it go away anywhere that it is quoted.

thanks that is the way i understood it too therefore i wont