one ear headstall with snap throatlatch

This is my dream headstall as I love the way the one ear looks and I would rather it didn’t come off while my horse is grazing and I need the snap as it is easier on my arthritic hands than a buckle. Does anyone know where I can buy one? I have googled with no luck.

You could get a leather worker or saddle repair person or even a shoe repair place to switch out the buckle for a clip. Or add a clip throatlatch to any bridle of your choice.

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Before you have someone modify one for you, call up Broken Horn Saddlery in Baldwin Park, CA and ask them what they have. Or you could have them modify one of their (very nice) headstalls for you. They make their own stuff and have a very good tack repair shop literally in-house.

That said, what you are asking for is a bit unusual: Most of the time, the non-browband headstall is for the finished horse wearing a curb bit in the show ring. That horse in that bit wouldn’t be doing any grazing. But so what? You can have whatever you want; my point was about why you don’t find that a lot.

The other place I might look is Schneider’s or Those guys seem to have training bridles with all kinds of unusual features.

Best of luck to you! I hope you can find what you want.


exactly. I just love the look of the one ear headstall (from my cowgirl days) and I do let him grab a bite now and then…thanks for the suggestions

I haven’t seen a split ear with a throat latch for a very long time, since maybe the early 80s and it was old. Custom made might be in your future if your heart is set on one.

They’re going to be hard to find solely due to the nature of the one or split ear. It’s meant to go on a horse that is nicely broke to ride, isn’t going to try and scrape or shake the bridle off, and can handle a shank bit. The purpose is to showcase how little the horse needs because they’re well trained. Adding a throat latch will likely be a custom job and you can contact many saddle makers that should be able to get it done for you. If you have a current bridle that has a throat latch that fits your horse, take measurements so that a snap one can be built to fit.

I haven’t been on the look for one, but I found one in Wyoming (when I lived there for 3 months) just at the local farm store. It’s a single ear with a throatlatch. However, mine does not have a snap for the throatlatch - it is a normal buckle.

And a very quick internet search finds them easily. Here’s one from Rods. And another one there too.

I posted two links to Rods right above. However, I have never seen one where the throatlatch is a buckle. But if you have anyone local that can do it, they could easily swap out your throatlatch buckle for a snap, and arrange it so it fits your horse.
I would think if a local shoe person who has leather tools could do that easily too, if you explain what you want (if you don’t have anyone that does tack).

I would say to just do it yourself, so long as you have a rivet tool, but you might not be able to with arthritic hands! (Find a friend maybe?)


I’ll bet Buckaroo would put a snap on this for you;…adstall-lh2571
Thay have a tab for asking questions, and their stuff is good.

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J.M. Capriola will probably make one for you. We bought from them back in the day. Pricey, but good stuff.