Ongoing swollen hind - no lameness

Hi everyone,
I have a barrel racing mare who I believe had a knock in the float with another horse. She presented a day or two later with a swollen left hind above the fetlock up to the hock, although never showed any lameness, pain, heat or soreness at all. I cold hosed, poulticed, ice booted etc daily for a week or so and kept her in work and competition. I also gave bute for the first 3-4 days just in case.
After approximately 2 weeks with no changes in the leg, I took her to the vet to get it checked out. It was X-rayed and ultra sounded and there were no bone chips/breaks or no abnormalities in any ligaments or tendons. The vet was under the impression that it was just oedema and that time would heal. I was advised to continue cold hosing etc and to give her a small 1-2 week break in a reasonable sized pasture to encourage moving, as well as hand walking once or twice a day and that doing those things should show change in the leg. I did just that, and she was bought back into work about 10 days ago.
The leg is still swollen however she still shows absolutely no lameness, pain or heat. It isn’t affecting her at all, however it is just concerning me slightly that I’ve seen no change in the size of the leg or the swelling there. It never presents with any heat. The only change I ever see in it is post workout when I take her sports boots off, the swelling is slightly down - not sure if it is the compression or the sweating, or a combination of both. I am continuing to cold hose daily & after each workout and put the ice boots on her regularly.
Has anybody had a similar situation, or have any ideas as to things I could try? I am wondering if sweating it could be an option?
The vet did suggest that it could be this way forever, which as a barrel horse, doesn’t concern me in regards to looks or anything, as long as she is pain free and it isn’t going to cause any long term problems. This is going on over a month now and that worries me a little too. I would return to the vet for another look, but as a college student with the $500+ fee from our last visit, am just looking for any general opinions or ideas from other peoples experiences first before spending any more money.
Thanks so much in advance.

Have you tried wrapping with a standing wrap? One of mine gets a bit stocked up at times and a few nights wrapped usually makes a big difference. For my guy Back on Track wraps really help.

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My guy had a hock injury last year. Happened in the pasture. No bone or ligament damage. Vet said that he sheered the joint capsule. I did a lot of the same things that you’re doing. Ice, hosing, anti-inflammatory. It took a lot of time. But I think the thing hat helped the most was Back on Track boot. It helped so much I swear by these products now. If your vet isn’t opposed - I would give BOT a try