Online Auctions?

I’m looking at a horse that is selling online at an online auction. Has anyone bought a horse this way? Tip and pointers. No time for a vetting before the auction is over.

I would be very, very careful. I think I understand the inflated market you are looking in and what you are looking for.

I have noticed a trend recently, within the last year to 18 months, of “new” auction companies that have been popping up. They are usually operated by flippers, and the prices are extremely high and I believe to be artificially inflated.

I do have a lot of confidence in Professional Auction Services, as they have been around forever, and run legitimate, well organized auctions. Their name has changed in the near recent past, but still the same company run by the Jennings.

Am also sending you a PM.


oh i have, Mustangs from the BLM online auctions. 8 of them. My situation is that i have a lot of land to let them be at liberty the rest of their lives if they didn’t work out for riding.

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I bought twice at an auction from Professional Auction services, both horses were the best I ever bought. The horse ads had pictures showing their conformation, video’s showing their movement and a basic vet exam. Maybe I got lucky but, the horses were as described in the ad.


I cannot agree with this more.

I have researched and come close to bidding on horses in other online auctions. Glad I did not buy one. I realize it’s anecdotal, but the one horse I really wanted was a fancy black, nicely broke 12 yr. old ranch gelding. He ended up having a PPE at the sale site that revealed he had quarter cracks on both front feet which were (presumably) why the horse was off during the soundness exam. Plus his navicular xrays had “significant findings.” None of this was revealed until just before the start of the bidding. So while the video of the horse was beautifully produced, and it seemed sound throughout it, in reality there were issues that I did not want to deal with. I was disappointed but relieved that I was paying attention. And yet he still sold for $15,000.

If there is no vetting before purchase, RUN AWAY! Would you buy a privately sold horse without vetting? Why do it in a highly suspect environment like an auction.
High end auctions have thorough PPE and x-Ray’s for review. Different story, there.