Online classes

I feel like since Covid there has been a massive amount of online classes and coaching become available. It’s honestly overwhelming.
I’d posted about good learning resources previously but want to expand the topic further. For those of you that do a lot of article and book reading, online classes, virtual lessons, etc. how do you choose your providers?
Some of these classes cost hundreds of dollars and there are multiple sources. So how do you choose?
Classes on bodywork, massage, anatomy, digestion, hoof trimming, etc. There are easily 3-10 options on every topic.

Wendy Murdoch has done over 250 webinars with a myriad of different equine professionals and they’re all available for free on the SureFoot YouTube channel. She has done webinars with many of these people who offer online courses, so you might look there and see who appeals to you. I’ve learned a ton just by watching the free videos.


So funny you mention this. This is actually how I started curating a list of available classes and courses online and there is SO MUCH out there!


I admit I got over enrolled. No way I could keep up with so much, albeit great, content. I had to take a hard look at my time and current riding.
I think ride IQ is a great resource but my current mare is needing to reschool at the learn how to walk in rhythm and relax stage, learn how to trot in rhythm, learn how to move off my leg stage. Until we get at least past preschool I don’t need a lesson in my ear so I discontinued that app.
So that also eliminated another app as well.
Because my time really fluctuates and its summer I don’t want to spend much time indoors so I eliminated another that I can watch in winter.
And in times past I have spent quite a bit on money on really good books. If I have a question, need to refresh spacing for caveletti or aids for a movement I have a book for that.
When I need a bit of clarification on something the book doesn’t quite cover I check in with the good folks at Coth. lol

I am enrolled in a quite pricey online program now. I had watched some of this person’s promotional content several times over the preceding couple of years. Her program was really interesting to me, but I balked at the cost and time commitment. Then my older mare died, and I had the time and $ now more available.

I have watched some webinars on Equitopia, but it is all a bit scattered to be applied progressively. I looked at Tristan Tucker. Meh, not so impressed. I like Warwick Schiller, Alexandra Kirkland, and Mary Wanless. But their online content is a mixed bag. And their approaches are too narrow to help me professionally.

The program I signed up for aligned with my long term values and mindset. The program HAS a long term goal, and a substantial online catalog of videos and written materials that outline a very detailed process for development. The program is not cheap (which is a big issue for anyone outside the bigger world economies.). It offered a path to certification for professionals. And promised a robust curriculum to enable the certification to perform.

My suggestion for anyone trying to find a system that suits you, is to get on as many mailing lists as you can, and take advantage when providers offer free, or super cheap program trials. To keep themselves sane, many content providers are limiting their full onboarding to a few, or one, time/year. Take advantage of early bird sign ups, etc.

Long story short, the only way you are going to “know” is to sign up for something, and go all in on following the methods. You are going to have to say “NO” to a lot of potentially good programs, in order to say YES to one good program.