Online Equestrian Journal/Log

Looking for recommendations on an app or online program that lets you record notes on rides, horse care, goals, etc. Willing to pay a small amount. I love the idea of a hard copy journal but I travel very frequently and think I’d get more use out of something on my phone.

I use EquiLab, it’s a free app!


I also use the free version of Equilab! It’s a great app. I just track my rides. They added a calendar feature that allows you to track horse care as well.


I’ve been using Ridely and really like it. I don’t use the tracking feature because I use my phone to film generally. But app allows you to make notes, has spots for how it felt, effort and duration and allows up you to add in a picture or short video. There’s also a video library with exercises from pros. You can upgrade to paid version but the free one is meeting my needs so far.

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I just use Google calendar - there is a description field for each event where you can add freeform notes. I have a separate calendar for the retired horse I own where I track his health care, farrier and vet appointments, notes on his chronic skin condition.

When I full leased a horse, I had a separate calendar for her as well and used the description field to record lesson and ride notes. For my current part lease, I don’t have a separate calendar but I do add lesson and ride notes to events on my personal calendar.

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I use Ridely. It’s free, straight forward, and easy.

I also used to use PonyApp to track all of the non-riding things like farrier, vet, chiro, etc. but the app started having a lot of issues and wouldn’t let me log in anymore, so I deleted it.

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