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Online Tack Stores with International Shipping? (To Thailand)

So long story short, I currently live in a small town in Southern Thailand, about 16 hours by train from Bangkok (the closest tack store). I have miraculously found a very nice barn here with very nice imported horses (don’t ask questions on who or why…) and, drum roll please, they want me to help train!

There are no paddock boots or cowboy boots in my town - a lot of sandals and military stores, so I bought some combat boots and $1.50 jeans and they are OK for riding but not great. Plus add in the fact that my shoe size is only available in men’s and I’m having some difficulty here. Half chaps, forget it. The other trainer got his stuff in America and a friend can bring my stuff in October but until then?

So my question is, does anyone have experience with international shipping from tack stores online? My main worry is customs, I’ve had problems there before and the currency exchange is already not in my favor at all. An Asian tack store would probably be a lot cheaper to ship from if anyone can make a recommendation there. Need paddock boots, half chaps, helmet.

Or is anyone from Austin, Texas planning a trip to Thailand soon? :wink:

Your best bet is to have the goods delivered to a friend in the U.S. and then have them ship to you. Most retailers aren’t really familiar with international shipping, and if they agree to do it, they charge a lot of money.
My friend helped out a guy in Australia with a motorcycle helmet. It was delivered to our house, the AU guy sent us money for shipping by Paypal, and we sent it to him via the U. S. Postal service…arrived with no problem and for far less money.
If you want to use a package service, DHL is one of the better ones.
Once your goods arrive at your friends’ home, since you’ve already paid for them, they’re your belongings, not an international sale, so that can make the customs forms easier…they’re truthfully just shipping your clothing to you.

Why don’t you see what you can get from India. I believe
that both Bobbys Tack and JPC are made in India and they
likely have Indian outlets that could ship to you. If not,
they might have suggestions on who will ship to you.