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Ontario, Canada - CSHA or other warmblood registries, walk me through it?

Hi everyone,

I’m strongly an auditory learner and I’m trying to independently educate myself on what warmblood registries a filly I’m looking at is eligible for in Ontario, if any. No matter how many notes and diagrams I make, I’m just not maintaining an understanding if she qualifies anywhere.

She’s by Sir Vari, out of a GOV approved TB mare. I’ve reached out to the CSHA with no response, and I’m going to see her tomorrow. She’s a yearling, born May of 2022.

What do I need to do, and what do I need to know, about this new territory I may be entering?

Also, sigh…what does GOV approved mean? Forgive my ignorance.

I just think it’s wise to register a filly if possible, in case something disastrous happens down the road and she can’t be ridden but could be bred.

I think GOV is Oldenburg

My understanding is Canadian Sporthorse registers virtually anything and Canadian Warmblood is pretty wide ranging too whereas the European affiliated regustries have tighter bloodline and inspection criteria and therefore more status. But you don’t ride the papers.

That’s a bit of an over-simplification. Canadian Sport Horse will only register offspring out of two approved parents - so the mare and stallion need to be either inspected and approved with CSHA, or inspected and approved with a major/recognized WB registry and then CSHA will approve sight unseen based on the other registry’s approval.
What you might see from time to time is people advertising their horses as having “half CSHA papers”… this is misleading, as that is only a certificate of pedigree - not actual registration.

So no, CSHA will not register virtually anything, you can’t just breed anything to anything and pay CSHA to give you papers just because you can prove parentage.

Sir Vari is approved Old/NA, but not GOV. So you can’t get GOV papers. Since the TB mare is approved GOV, though, she may be eligible for sight unseen approval with CSHA, in which case you could get full papers for the foal since Sir Vari is fully approved CSHA.

I am surprised you haven’t gotten a response from CSHA, Lu Lancaster is usually excellent at responding within a few days. Maybe try again?

Forgot to answer your q - “GOV approved” means the mare was taken to a GOV inspection and they approved her based on her quality. Her foals are therefore eligible for GOV approval IF they are by GOV approved stallions as well.

GOV is German Oldenburg Verband, as opposed to ONA which is Oldenburg North America

Sir Vari foals, according to Fox Hill Farm’s website:

  • Offspring are eligible for registration with the following:
    • Canadian Sport Horse
    • Canadian Warmblood
    • Oldenburg NA/ISR
    • Westfalen Verband

You could contact the ONA office to see if they allow registration, since the stallion is approved by them, and the mare is approved GOV, and they may allow that.

The registration form for CSHA says that if only 1 parent is approved (the sire in this case, but not the dam) then the foal would be registered as "Part-bred

Like ASBJumper said, if the mare is automatically eligible for CSHA approval based on her current GOV approval status, AND the owner pays the fee/does the paperwork, then the foal could get “Full Bred” CSHA registration.

GOV has some reciprocal approval allowances for some stallions approved with other registries, based on their discretion. CSHA isn’t likely one of them though, more like some of the other German registries.

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Sir Vari foals also are eligible KWPN-NA. No inspection required. We have lots of members in ON!

You can email office@kwpn-na.org

The North American Studbook should also be an option! Really reasonable fees, easy process, you can name the foals anything you want (no naming rules about first letter), and a full WBFSH member as well. If both parents are approved by a WBFSH member Studbook you’re usually good to go without any additional approvals.

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