Opinions! Curious about opinions on the best English discipline

So, I has a pretty heated debate with someone about eventers, dressage riders, and jumpers. I personally think, and this is in no way shape or form a diss at dressage riders or any other discipline, but I think eventers are the best riders of the english discipline. I also know a lot of jumpers at least used to be eventers (can’t remember who though). Now, I’m a jumper myself but watching eventers just ride my own discipline and besides that doing pretty high level dressage (not grand prix) AND cross country leaves me stunned. I just feel they tend to be super well rounded but its my opinion so please don’t get angry xp

I would love to hear others thoughts on this! Also if anyone knows the jumpers who had been eventers and are now at the top please leave a comment! I completely forgot their names :upside_down_face:

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Talk about a can of worms… :bug:


Yeah :sweat_smile: if this topic does cause a fight I will delete it, I by no means want people fighting or getting too heated about it

Eventers are the best. DUH!

Let’s just ignore working cow horse riders and combined driving and working equitation and all the other riders who do multiple disciplines.

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As I said, i never meant any disrespect and I’m not an eventer myself. I just simply observed and thought that eventers seem to be the most well rounded. Though working equitation i consider really hard to do as well and something that requires quite a lot of skill.

And i also said english riders so thats why i didn’t mention reiners, cow ropers, pleasure riders, etc

Oh, no disrespect implied. Eventers are the best. :yum:

How do you define “best?”

I probably wouldn’t argue if you said that eventers have the most diverse skills, but a flat out blanket statement that eventers are the “best” riders among the English disciplines? Nope. I can’t agree with that.

Jack of all trades…

Do you imagine that those who chose one discipline to compete at, have abandoned the rest ?

Eventers are also very good at being shite; https://www.facebook.com/groups/shiteventersunite/

I don’t think you can delet a whole topic.

So, this is cross-posted on the HJ and Dressage forums. Don’t feed the trolls!

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Why aren’t pleasure riders English riders? Does this include fox hunters? If not, why not?

“Cow ropers”? That is an odd description that brings to mind a rather strange picture. I can see them now, the Holsteins, udders swinging to and fro, a thundering herd, running away from the charging quarter horses as the riders rope those “cows”. :smile: