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OPINIONS needed on stallion choices!!!

Hello Hello!

I am breeding my mare this spring and I am down to 4 stallion choices, and I am not sure which one to pick.
If any of you have ANY information on one of these stallion please let me know, anything can help
or just a general opinion on their conformation/attitude/athleticism/etc :slight_smile:

My mare is a bit of a hot head so I would like the offspring to be very rideable, and to have a nice scope since my goal with this foal would be to enter the jumper ring in the 1m20 classes and up

-Rash R
-Quidam Blue

looking forward to your opinions!!

I’m not able to comment on stallions but before anyone can make a recommendation I think it would be helpful to know your mare’s strengths and weaknesses, in order to pick a stallion that could help balance out her weaker areas.


More about the mare
Pros: beautiful looking mare, amazing temperament (not mare-ish), no health problems, beautiful fluid canter, never bucked, reared etc
cons: missing some scope, a little short backed, very stubborn under saddle ( a lot of go), so looking for a very rideable stallion

Honestly, it would probably be worth posting any confo shots of her that you might have. Also, perhaps her breeding? You might want to post this in the breeding section. They are great in there.

Im fan of Carrico. Before he came here, he did the GPs overseas and has so many proven offspring all over. He stands at Redfield now.

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Breeding forum will get you better responses

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