Opinions on breeches?

So at the moment I have two pairs of very loved breeches… and each time that they wear a little hole in them I patch them back together again - but I’m in the market for maybe one or two pairs more so I can give my favourite pairs a little bit of a rest.

One of the ones I’m looking at is one by Elation, unfortunately I think TS Trophy Hunters (the ones I’ve been oogling for the past little while) are a bit out of my price range still.:cry:

The other three pairs I’m looking at; one is by Baker (the Baker Elite) and the other two are both Grand Prix (Carli & Hampton II)

I would appreciate anybody’s opinions on these breeches (or suggestions of other good breeches under CAD$140) as I have never worn either of them, and I think all of my friends currently wear TS. Thanks!

Farm House tack near Tryon NC sometimes has TS for $100. No leather knee patches, but I bought a pair and use them hunting. They are really nice and you can get them over the phone. FWIW.

Good luck finding the GP breeches. They’re great, but VERY hard to find. DD just got a pair of Ovations and absolutely adores them. I might have to try them next.

There’s a thread over on H/J right now with a link to $99 TS Trohpies; if I hadn’t just bought three new pairs of full seats in the last month, I’d be all over that deal.

I’ve had good luck with Ovations, and those sound like they might be at your price point. I had a pair of the older Grand Prix and hated how they fit me, but that was more a personal fit than a quality issue; I didn’t wear them enough to see how they held up to regular abuse. I’ve also had very good luck with finding both Ariat (in “last years model”) and RJ Classics on sale. Both of those have held up very nicely for me. EBay is you friend, too! I don’t think I’ve paid full price for more than 2 pair of breeches.

I bit the bullet and got a pair of TS Trophy hunters. I have to say they wear better and wash better than cheaper breeches. So cost per wear, they may be a better deal.

I love Trainers Choice brand of breeches but only get them if they are on the sale rack. :slight_smile:

I’ve bought two pair of Ovation breeches from “Tack of the Day” over the past year and have loved both pairs! They are two different styles. The fabric and stitching had held together and I like the fit.

I really like the Ovation stuff and the TuffRiders – go ahead and scoff, but they have been super comfy, incredibly durable, and I machine wash everything. I like the CottonNaturals as well, but in my hot and humid climate, cotton is a very poor choice, I always go for technical fabrics now.

I just am not spending $150 on breeches when I’ve got $40 ones that are over 6 years old and spotless!

My favorites are the Ariat Pro-Circuits. They fit me beautifully (I am a classic pear shape), and the fabric is oh-so-nice. I have two pairs that I reserve for my show breeches. They are on super-sale now at Dover; I believe Ariat is discontinuing them. They come in regular rise, low-rise, and slim.


I’ve been a devoted TS breech wearer (Trophy Hunter), but my new favorite is Tredstep’s Symphony Rosa breeches ($119). The fabric is fantastic and washes nicely. The leg and waist fit me better than the TS. I absolutely love the construction of the knee patch and the lower leg – much more comfortable than the TS.

I’ve had the Elation’s (I assume you mean the Greenhawk brand) and don’t find them particularly comfortable.

I LOVE the Romfh MicroCord breeches – they come in both knee patch and full seat (I always do FS, and they’re just enough “grippy” to work, but not enough that you get stuck). They are a bit heavy for summer, more of a spring/fall weight, but they are so stretchy and comfy. Though maybe not quite good enough for showing, but I only did schooling shows. And they’re reasonable, I bought mine many years ago for about $60 each on eBay, and they still look great.

I also lucked into a pair of Klaus Krehan FS breeches on the clearance rack at the local tack shop – very stretchy, a bit lighter weight than the Romfhs, and leather full seats. And I have two pair of Tropical Riders with the deerskin. Is it possible for you to go to a shop and try on different brands?

I like the Elation Platinum line, not such a fan of their regular cotton ones.

If you can’t afford the TS Trophy Hunters, I like Dover’s Riding Sport Competitor II breeches. They are like Dover’s TS knockoff and they’re pretty great when you get them on sale for $55. They have a wide waistband, front zip euro seat, and hold their shape pretty well. They are somewhere between a low and mid rise–my only complaint is sometimes the ride down a little bit but if I wear a belt they’re great. They wash and wear very well.

I’ve heard mixed reviews love/hate things about the Smartpak Piper breeches. I think they run just under $80, but I haven’t tried them yet.

A lot of people including myself wanted to love the Tredstep breeches but all of the feedback I’ve heard (and experienced) is a very funny leg to waist ratio: tight in the legs and loose in the waist. Bummer.

I personally also was very disappointed in the Baker breeches, they are made by Equine Couture and I just simply don’t fit in any breeches the brand makes. The material is also a little heavy and on the rough side.

Can you tell I am a breechaholic bargain hunter?? And yes, I was the guilty one who leaked the TS deal too. They still have a few pairs left in the smaller sizes, and even a stray 26R/28R if you like the mid rise styles. They are $90 after the facebook discount. MUWHAAHAHAHAHA.