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Opinions on Buckley Fencing or Alternatives to Wood?

Buckley fence owners, how has your experience been? From estimate to installation to how it’s held up?

If not Buckley, what are the preferred other low maintenance alternatives? Ramm, Centaur, etc.? Thanks!

I bought my place 3 years ago and tore out all of the old wood fencing and replaced most of it with black, 4 rail Wind River Fence, which is HDPE. I had them give me taller posts so that it’s 5 feet.


It is practically zero maintenance. Occasionally, a horse will pop out one of the middle rails (actually, it’s always my mare from scratching her tail on it). They go back in fairly easily with a plastic springy pin. I’ve never had a top rail pop out - probably because the top rails have metal pins. And it looks really good.

The only negatives that I’ve seen are that some of them have kinda warped in the hotter weather, but part of me thinks the installation was off for those (posts too close together so not enough room for the rails to extend further into the post). Also, I would suggest putting wood inside the posts not just where hanging gates, but also on the other side of the gates and in every corner.

Oh, and my same mare, when confined to medical paddock or dry lot, thinks that a fun game is to pop off the fence caps. I just pop them back on, no big deal, but it does happen.

On the whole though, it is great. (I say as I’m not quite 3/4 done with repainting 1000+ linear feet of 4 rail wood fence. Even with a sprayer it suuucckkksss.)

Just looked at the Buckley website. Looks super nice! Very similar to the Wind River.

We use coated high tensile electric fencing…can’t remember if it’s Ramm or Centaur. Some of it is over 20 years old and still looks new. We’ve had trees come down on it- it bounces back after we get the trees off. We chose white; it dresses everything up.

Buckley is powder coated steel, not plastic.

@wahoowa, I agree it looks just so sexy but imagine it costs a few limbs! If you do install it, please come back and tell us how it goes.

Centaur at 2 farms now. I’ll never go back to anything else. Incredibly safe, easy to install on flat or sloped ground, unbreakable, no painting or pressure washing, no chew marks. 10/10 for me.

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I had just had some Centaur installed before we had a bad storm with straight line winds that took down a bunch of cedar trees on top of the fencing. My crappy plastic posts broke but we put in more posts, unattached the Centaur, strung it back up. Really easy and you couldn’t tell a tree had fallen on the fence. I really like the product. The Buckley fencing is beautiful but I have never won the lottery…


I also wonder what happens to a hock or a coffin bone when they kick it :grimacing:

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