Opinions on the Thornhill Monoflap?

I’m a young event rider on a budget and I’m searching for my first monoflap cross country saddle. I’ve been looking for saddles for a while now and I’ve been flirting back and forth about getting the saddle. I’d love to hear some people’s opinions on the thornhill.:slight_smile:

Also if anyone knows of better new monoflaps in the $1500 price range I would love to hear about others.

I’m 5’8 and have pretty long legs and I ride a narrow tb.

I had one on trial and loved it. It was sticky and felt pretty balanced and the quality felt nice for the price.

But it didn’t fit me or my horse very well, so back it went. But I ride a wide QH and am 5’2", so pretty much the exact opposite of you and your horse!

I had one of the early models, I believe they have update the design in the ‘II’ model. Fit was a little funny, I always had to use a sheepskin and it was too wide for my TBs but fit my irish draughts alright.
A little off topic but I have a Stubben monoflap with a MN tree I am selling. Might be just a touch outside of a $1500 budget but it would be a better value than some of the cheaper mid to low range monoflap saddles out there. Getting the better brand saddles as used can often be a way better deal than buying the cheaper knock off saddles new.

Can you PM me pictures please?

I purchased the Stellar Altaire monoflap from Smith Worthington this summer and Love IT!!!