Opinions or info on stallion Dominator Z

Was wondering if anyone had any information to share on the stallion Dominator Z? Can’t find a lot on him except from this page.http://www.zangersheide.com/en/hengsten/DOMINATOR-2000-Z-DIAMANT-DE-SEMILLY-x-CASSINI-I

I know about friends discussing him:
They think and/or fear he may throw big huge elephants. They agreed on him having huge capability (am not sure if this is the correct translation for the word they used). They think he is the Diamant son to watch.
I know about someone who has a mare by Burggraaf pregnant by him. The mare herself is placed upto 2* in jumping.

Here should be a Video - but only for members.

If I had mare who throws smallish and with easy temperament I would go for him. Saw him at Zangersheide in march. He is 1,76 long legs but not much bodymass. Looks light and easy to ride. Agree with Alexandra. Should have no problem reaching absolute top sport. As far as I can remember Judy Ann rode him and she is not a strong rider.

He was the only stallion with door closed at the open days. We had dinner the night before at the table next to some of the staff who talked about some shananigans he was up to that day. Believe he has some attitude :slight_smile: On the other hand I also saw a small girl lead him to the box with her dad/his rider (?)

Heard that you couldn´t get semen from him anymore. But at zangersheide.com they have made a note now about that you have to pay surcharge of 1000EUR if not registering with Z studbook so I guess still available.

LOVE this stallion, I was wondering how long until he popped up on this board.

I plan on breeding to him next year, was planning on him for one of my bigger, slightly heavier mares but as I am watching his foals grow up I might pair him with a slightly more refined smaller mare I have instead.

I contacted Zangershiede this spring to get his contract to review and although it says on his page you have to pay extra if the foal is not registered with their stud book the contract doesn’t actually say this.

Also for North American breeders Global Equine Sires out of the U.S has him listed as a stallion they distribute.

We’re expecting one for 2017 from our Faria van de Moortelshoeve (Querlybet Hero/Nabab de Reve).

Dominator Z’s foal was zangersheide auction topper last year at 75,000 euro to US buyer. The colt was from an Indorado dam.

The Dominator z’s I’ve seen are very cassini I type (equal proportions) with nice heads. I have yet to see a big rangey type, but he’s only had a few foal crops.

Olympian Christian Ahlmann will be jumping Dominator Z in stallion show this fall.

Would love an update on this stallion now that he has more offspring to judge him by. What mare does he do best with, what to avoid?

Also interested in an update, such a great jumper. Would be interested to see if any of his offspring are eventers

I’m going to try to bump this topic up one more time! Please guys, info on Dominator Z. What’s he working best with? What type of mare does he need? What to avoid?

He’s got two approved sons out of Chellano Z mares:

Dorian Gray: https://www.facebook.com/jurrevanbommelsporthorses/videos/vb.707861509382422/1004853209711295/?type=2&theater

Querido VG: https://stallions.zangersheide.com/fr/paard/QUERIDO-VG-Z-DOMINATOR-Z-x-CHELLANO-Z

D’Aganix Z also goes back to Chellano on the mare side: https://stallions.zangersheide.com/en/paard/DAGANIX-Z-DOMINATOR-Z-x-AGANIX-DU-SEIGNEUR-Z

So he seems to be doing very well with Chellano Z mares with three approved sons following the trend.

Cool, thank you! I’m going to look into the Querido VG mother more. I’m surprised to see darco blood in there. But perhaps the mare is still super modern. Or perhaps he’s not throwing massive horses like some thought he might.

Ooh, and the D’Aganix is actually double darco.

I have two foals by Dominator, both imported as weanlings. The 2019 stallion is already 17.1 by the stick and looks like a heavy Clydesdale. Good temperament but expect over 18 hands. Mare was 16.1. :flushed:.

Weanling filly is VERY tiny for her age, larger mare, so time will tell.